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17 Nov

Humility & humor are from the same root word. The arrogant make fun of others.The humble make fun of themselves.


Humility means to let go of all ego; pride, fear and desire. It is therefore one of the most difficult, yet essential attitudes for spiritual growth because only then are we able to tune in to the Inner Being (intuition) within us. Humility is both a prerequisite for, as well as the end result of, spiritual growth. To be humiliated is a great gift indeed because it gives us a great opportunity to be truly humble.
Today, the programming we receive from tv, music, the internet and other media tends to show us the exactly opposite idea – that pride and being praised is a good and desirable thing. But filled with pride there is hardly any room for any real Love to exist. By letting go of that pride, either through being humiliated or having the attitude of letting go (being humble), our attention is directed to what’s going on around us and we will have the opportunity to really Love Unselfishly and thus really care for others, which in our experience is the essence of true spirituality.


Humility is one of life’s hardest lessons

-Helga Gouws-


Life is one long humility lesson. You always start at the bottom, and just when you think you’ve reached the top, you’re at the bottom again!


Once you respect others for who they are you will start learning the truth of humility.



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